JavaScript/web browser specialist for Cybot

Do you want to work with one of the fastest-growing SaaS-companies in Scandinavia, running systems that are used by millions of people every day? And do you find ePrivacy and data protection interesting and important? Then you might be Cybot’s new JavaScript/web browser specialist!

For our customer, Cybot, we’re looking for a Developer with very strong native JavaScript skills and working knowledge of .Net Core. The focus of this position is approximately 80 % frontend 20 % backend. You'll be working in a small team that ensures the quality and availability of our userfacing Consent Management service,, currently embedded on more than 340.000 websites around the globe and handling more than 500 million end user requests per day.

We're looking for someone who:

  • Has very strong JavaScript skills and is skilled at debugging

  • Is experienced working with .Net platform

  • Has a deep understanding of the internals of web browsers, network protocols and development tools

  • Keeps up to date on the latest trends, frameworks and technologies

  • Enjoys the developing, maintaining and debugging of high-availability production code

You will be:

  • Delivering high quality code

  • Promoting and contributing to a culture of good programming practice

  • Contributing to an efficient and innovative development process

  • Work with the full range of SaaS services

The ideal candidate will have:

  • 5+ years of experience in building production JavaScript web applications

  • 3+ years of experience in working with RESTful APIs using JSON

  • 2+ years of experience using C# in a work environment

  • A desire to work in a high energy, fast-paced environment


About Cybot

Easy ePrivacy compliance for website operators. Cybot delivers automated ePrivacy services that enable website operators to respect and protect the privacy of their visitors.
By bringing ePrivacy to the Internet Community, websites earn both consumer trust and compliance with legal regulations – both increasingly competitive fundamentals in the digital economy.

Cybot operates from the cloud only. This ensures you an easy-to-implement, low-cost and highly scalable solution. Cookiebot brings this vision to life with three, fully automatic core functions that are easy to implement: Cookie consent, cookie monitoring and cookie control. Cookiebot enables true compliance with privacy legislations through respectful and transparent data exchange, based on consent between end-users and the websites they visit.