Skilled developer for Danske Commodities, Business Applications

On behalf of our customer, Danske Commodities in Aarhus we are looking for a talented .NET developer.

You will become an integral part of Danske Commodities development team and contribute directly to the success of their business. They work for a very high standard, and they constantly strive to better their craftsmanship and professionalism.

The software development builds business critical systems of all shapes and sizes for the entire organization. They shape the business by delivering systems that gives competitive advantages or automizes critical processes.

The software development teams are a trusted sparring partner and advisor on technical solutions and the develop world class software using modern technology and practices.

The BackOffice team builds and maintains several different systems of varying complexity which help pave the road to success for the different back-office teams in Danske Commodities. The Backoffice software team is collectively responsible for delivering software at the highest quality while striving to best meet the needs of our users.

To better understand the role of the entire back-office, you may want to consider the department as a band that backs up the front-facing trading business – our lead singer. Without the band, no music would be playing, and it would be near impossible for our lead singer to shine.

You will join a team of committed and highly skilled developers with a passion for their craft.

They are always curious and eagerly seek out new tech, practices, and methodologies to discuss amongst each other.

The culture is informal, and the humor is unprecedented (by own accounts!)

Foosball, running, biking, beers, playing music, boardgames and well.. all sorts of games are loved and played with great enthusiasm – together.

Your responsibilities

  • Developing world-class software in an engaging and complex domain
  • Participating in full project cycles, from inception to delivery, using agile practices
  • Engaging their business to ensure outstanding solutions
  • nurturing a coherent application architecture and standard

You will join our amazing BackOffice team.

The team owns a broad system landscape supporting the different back-office teams of Danske Commodities. You will start out by learning to navigate this landscape and understand how it supports the business. The key to short-term success is dedicating time to learning the domain while working on user stories that will take you through dedicated parts of the landscape.

On a longer term you will utilize your experience in software design and development to heighten the technical level in the team. You will be part of designing new systems in cross-functional projects and will have a direct impact on the full project lifecycle.

You will also contribute to improving and expanding the existing system landscape in the portfolio so that technical debt is identified and removed. In time you will become a trusted sparring partner and technical beacon in the team. You will get to develop software that makes a real difference. Your customers are also your colleagues, and you can follow the value creation of the solutions every day. You get to dig deep in the domain of trading and finance and have a strong influence on the analysis of the problem itself as well as how we best solve that problem with software.

Personal skills

  • Experienced in .NET, Java or similar
  • Ability to reason about distributed systems
  • Experienced developer that can design and implement complex solutions
  • Understanding of best practices within code design (SOLID, OOP, Clean code etc.)
  • Understanding of DDD and microservices is a plus
  • Experienced in web development is a plus (we use ASP.NET, AngularJS, Blazor)
  • Holistic approach to system design, from requirements to operations
  • Curious software developer that loves the craft and solving problems. They like to explore and find new ways. You will feel at home if you love to discuss new tech or how to solve interesting business challenges.
  • You are willing to coach and spar with team members to improve the software craftsmanship in the team
  • You enjoy paving the way for business users by providing an excellent support and clearing away issues.
  • Challenge existing common team coding standards to ensure that the team always follow best practices and evolves

Danske Commodities offer

  • Professional and personal challenges in a young international environment
  • Modern technology stack and best in class development practices
  • Highly skilled colleagues who set the bar high
  • A dynamic organization with room and incentive to take on responsibility
  • A successful company that knows how to celebrate

You can learn more about IT and meet a couple of your more than 100 new colleagues at Danske Commodities at

About Danske Commodities

Danske Commodities is a tech-driven energy trading company that specializes in energy trading and offers balancing, optimization and hedging services to energy producers and suppliers. Every day, we complete close to 10,000 trades across 39 countries, constantly moving energy from where there is more than needed to where it is needed most.

And we’re not kidding about being tech-driven. IT specialists, from software developers to engineers to project managers, make up more than a third (+100) of the company and work every day to support the green transition through proprietary software and world-class support to our traders. In peak hours, Danske Commodities processes one million rows of market data every minute (!) and completes thousands of trades – all thanks to our colleagues in IT.

You will join a high-paced, fun workplace and work side-by-side with the best traders, business developers, number crunchers, strategic ninjas and IT peers, who are all passionate about their jobs and walk the extra mile to help each other succeed.